Share Your DIY Projects with Confidence

Showcase your home renovations, extensions, and any and all DIY construction

projects easily. Tell your story with the use of high quality time lapse video.

Designed For You

See your short-term DIY projects come to life in just a few minutes time.

Optimize Your Video

Capture the whole DIY process and
easily watch the footage anytime.

Construction Proof

Share your videos with your family
and friends, no need to edit or process.

Worry Free Time Lapse

Track your construction project's

progress each step of the way.


Worry Free Timelapse

Long lasting battery allows you to stay focused on your work without a battery life countdown looming over you. When you finish recording, the time lapse video automatically processes, meaning no time is wasted editing footage and it can be shared instantly.


Use for Different Locations

Don't worry about your filming equipment being unusable in certain conditions. Make use of Brinno's versatile cameras and accessories to suit different time lapse situations.


Share your DIY Project

Whether you're sharing a simple home renovation or extending your home, easily share your memories with your loved ones with a few presses of a button.


Multiple Accessories

Mix and match accessories to suit your needs: The clamp can be adjusted securely to almost any surface. The monopod can stand upright or with collapsed legs as a selfie stick. The phone clamp allows for flexibility, great for livestreams or videos completely hands free.