World Leader in Time Lapse Solutions

Brinno provides truly worry free times lapse solutions that can be easily set up and adjusted to meet your diverse filming needs.

Who We Are

We specialize in creating affordable long-term time lapse solutions for a variety of different applications including construction, research, security, and documenting artistic processes. Starting as a small team of industrial designers in 2003, Brinno has grown into a well-respected manufacturer of time lapse cameras for industry leaders across the world.

Set it and forget it – that’s the Brinno promise.

In 2009, Brinno sent shockwaves by creating the world’s first standalone time lapse camera. With our founders’ unique experiences in the tech and design industries, we developed a camera that not only combined a powerful image processing core with revolutionary energy efficiency but also provided users with an easy to use product. Over the past decade our long lasting battery powered cameras have become an essential tool for hundreds of thousands of users in both the consumer and business sectors worldwide.