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Brinno Empower TLC2020 Time Lapse Camera - Brinno USA


  • PROFESSIONAL TIME-LAPSE CAMERA: 99-Day battery life! 1080P HDR and 118° field of view gives the ability to capture stunning professional videos. Innovative technology allows videos to be instantly shared making this camera perfect for long-term projects.
  • 3 MODE VERSATILITY: Capture modes include time lapse, step video and stop motion. Providing ultimate creative freedom to create your own footage. Capture long-term environmental changes, a short video clip, or even a fun stop motion lego animation movie!
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE AND FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: Record up to 99 days using a 5-min shooting interval with only 4AA batteries! Extend the battery life by DOUBLE using the daily timer and scheduling feature to select the days and hours to be recorded.
  • INCREDIBLE IMAGE QUALITY: Powerful HDR and FHD sensors select optimum lighting to capture videos outdoors or indoors, daytime or night. Attach interchangeable lenses to the CS mount to capture environment changes or detailed plant progression videos.
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY: Brinno provides customers with regular firmware and software updates. Our compact camera includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty that can be extended for an ADDITIONAL 6 months if you register your camera!


  • BRAND: Brinno
  • SCREEN SIZE: 2 inches
  • SHOOTING MODES: Time Lapse
  • MAX FOCAL LENGTH: 35 millimeters
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 2.4 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 3 ounces
  • BATTERIES: 2 AA batteries required


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Chris G.
A decent choice for first time

It's not the highest quality, it'll eat batteries or sip on them depending on the settings. But I think after testing mine out for a month I can say I'm pleased with it's performance overall. I self learned mostly how to use it as the directions are all but useless. But it's easy to control, easy to set up, and the Avi files it makes are actually in 720p quality. When set properly, it does do well in various light conditions. I also like that the lense is interchangeable (however I don't yet have any extra lenses) and that you can adjust it some 100 degrees up and down. With the addition of a simple screw in clamp mount, I've made very good use of this camera.Negatives: once I hit record, I can't bring the screen up again. None of the buttons has any effect except the power button. Not sure if that's on purpose, but I can end a recording by turning it off, waiting 5 seconds, then turning it on again. So far that does the trick and it doesn't mess up the output files.

Do one thing and do it well

FINALLY, a timelapse camera that can actually take a proper timelapse without having to be plugged in. I love the built in tilt mechanism and super stable base. The screen is spartan but sufficient. The picture on this thing is quite good. It can go from capturing stars on a moonless night to full noon with the sun in frame without missing a beat. The white balance on this guy is also surprisingly effective. I set it up under purple grow lights and was shocked when it completely corrected for their very unbalanced color temperature. It also seemingly lasts forever on a set of lithium batteries, so I highly recommend those.Anybody who has even a semi-serious enjoyment of timelapse photography should pick one of these up.

Sansa Rao
Very Impressed with Brinno TLC200 PRO Model . Glad to have given Brinno a chance!

Very impressed, I purchased 1 of these Time Lapse Cameras for my construction project and I have never used Brinno cameras before so did not know what to expect. I received the units very quickly. Upon, receiving the cameras I had no idea how to function the camera so read manual it was a little useful, however I thought I learned more by playing with settings and exploring the camera. I wanted to share my knowledge of the camera to help other new buyers. There are only 3 buttons on camera MENU , TIME and OK Button. You use menu and time to move forward or back with the settings so its pretty much your and - buttons. You just set the Time Intervals to whatever time you want to the camera to take a shot for example 10 min . And the camera will take a shot every 10min. (You can custom your time if not shown) Also, has Timer setting which lets you set the camera on and off times through the day. ex 9am-5pm) Then, I set the FPS setting (this is the play back of how fast you want the frames to play on your Time Lapse Video. And press OK until I seen REC . Came back a week later stopped it by pressing the OK again until I seen Processing. And bam I had a great few minute Time Lapse Video. That easy. Did see other cool setting you can record on. Will try them like the star one and see if I get a great recording of the stars. Overall good quality. Happy with my purchase. Will be buying more soon.

Nick T.
So far so good, ordered a second one.

Bought this camera for an upcoming building project and have been playing around with it with good results. Used it as a dash cam on a road trip and a also to do a timelapse of the sky in Utah. Both with great results. Not the highest resolution but good enough for my needs. I even bought a second one to use while one is tied up with the building project. The controls are a bit confusing but you get used to them.

Great products, it's so compact and simple to use.

Great products, it's so compact and simple to use. I have filmed so many sky with flying clouds, waves on beach, trees/leaves waving, lakes ...with just two clicks (Record, Processing, then done) in just ONE WEEK... and the battery level has not dropped a bit.This was not thinkable in the past that I must carry heavy equipment with complicated procedures to take tons of pictures and then make it manually afterward..Some cons I met,1. Can't check the scene again once you start recording and the display turns off;2. No playback feature after recording.3. the resolution is somehow not like HD (though it claims 720P HD)4. The HDR seems not good enough as the front objects (against strong light source at back) still somehow a bit dark5. Some films have one or two damaged frames (with ghost blank or half-white-screen...) thus the video may see an interrupt snapping sometimes...However overall, this is a great product that makes the time lapse photographing becomes a job that everybody can do it.

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